Wednesday, November 26, 2014

C4T # 4

I chose to continue following Two Writing Teachers again because I have loved and learned so much from their posts.

#1 Revision Decisions
In this post the book Revision Decisions is summarized to how a teacher helped a student understand a narrative writing and gave them several different ways to approach his writing so that he can succeed with his future writings. Along with everything posted in this blog, it was very helpful for my future teaching career and that is exactly what I told them. I will also be purchasing this book for future reference and help in my future classroom.

#2 Flash Draft
This post tells about a teacher who wanted to try something new with her writing students. Too many of them would start a long paper get to the middle then want to start over with a new idea. So she decided that her students would take three ideas and gather as much information as they could about them then decided which idea to go with. She phrased it as "taking three cars for a drive then choosing the best one". I think this is a wonderful idea! As are all the things I find on this blog.

Blog Assignment #5 Part B

What are PLN's?

my symbaloo page
Personal Learning Networks are a place for educators to turn to if they need help or guidance. I have personally really enjoyed using Symbaloo and my PLN. I have all of the websites and blogs that I follow and use on little tabs on my Symbaloo page. They make it easy to get just what I need in a simple click. I use my Symbaloo page everyday and plan on using it when I am a teacher in my future classroom. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Blog Assignment #14

Teaching Can Be A Profession by Joel Klein

Walk The Plank
In the article Teaching Our Children Can Be A Profession, Joel Klein gives many wonderful examples of things that could be enhanced in the educational system. The most important of these issues have to do with teachers themselves. The way the workforce for teachers works, and has worked for as long as I can remember, is strictly by seniority and not by qualifications. This leaves for the newer hires to get the boot when there is a budget cut or other type of issue. The point that Mr. Klein makes is that we should start picking from the best, whether that be teachers with seniority or some of the newbies like I will be in a few years. In order to asses the skills of the teachers, they would be assessed with a "teachers examination". The newer teachers would be evaluated op for over a 3 year span. I agree with Joel on the changes that need to be made in order for our school systems to take the first steps to becoming a Profession. 

Project #6 C4K #3

C4K #8 Tatum's Blog
Tatum's blog post was explaining the life cycle of a frog. It had an amazing picture of the life cycle. I told Tatum that he had a great blog post and that the chosen picture was a great choice.

C4K #9 Ben's Blog
Ben's blog post was about his 100 year portrait. He said that he would like to continue playing football over the next few years. I told him that I loved his dedication to the sport and that he wrote a great post.

C4K #11 Megan's Blog
Megan wrote about how it's alread a quarter into the school year and how fast it has flown by. She also used a variety of vocabulary. I told Megan that it's funny how quickly time goes by and also complimented her on her wonderful use of vocabulary.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Blog Assignment #13

As a teacher how would you introduce technological tools in your classroom?

Prepare a lesson plan on the introduction of some technological tools in your classroom. List which tools you will use and how you will teach them depending on the grade you plan on teaching. Each age group learns differently so think about the best way to approach it. You will have students that may already be familiar with the use of some of these tool, but you will also have students who have never had the opportunity. As a teacher you must know how to adapt to your students needs.

Watch Emerging Trends in Education
Watch Teaching Kids to use blogs and photoshop

Find your own tools you would like to use and embed a YouTube video that you found that helps teach children how to use them. Explain in your post.

Everybody wants that dream Kindergarten job, and I'm included in that everybody. Some tools that I would bring and teach to a kindergarten class would of course be the iPad. My dream is to work in one of the Baldwin county school and they already have incorporated their kindergarten students in using iPads in the classroom. However I know that not all students, before entering the school system, have used iPads before. So each week we would use a new app and at the first of the week I would break down how to maneuver through the app then leave them to explore. I would give them assignments to create, like in the video Teaching Kids to use blogs and photoshop, where they could create an animal that lived in a forest or on a farm. Each week we would learn to work a new app; poplet, icurio, ext. they would also continue to use the tools learned from previous weeks.